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About me

Caroline Platter

"I believe that you do not learn to be artist, it is something that you are and you recognise from within: it is a gift, there for you to assert your own style and refine your own technique. 
I am self-taught and feel the creation as a magical act: from my mind and senses an idea is borne; it ripens, then flows enchantedly to my left hand; the beautiful fruit of these emotions, coupled with skill and decades of daily practice, then appear on a piece of paper for all to see. 
Always in tune with my surroundings, I like to create beautiful pictures... the tool of my art, the pencil: rudimentary, extracted from natural matter, noble and of a thousand-year-old reliability, it is my trusted and desired tool. 
In relation to my work for professional customers, eg. shop signs, wall paintings, T-shirts, window designs etc, I also use supplementary techniques such as computer technology (addition of text, assembly, colour creation) inks, watercolours and markers. The design is then complete; customised to your requirements. 
Welcome in my universe! "